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We provide the right options for your shipping from China, regardless of the size and delivery location of your cargo. Whether you're looking for LCL or FCL shipment, we enable tailor-made solutions for the delivery of your goods. Our individual solutions will be arranged and ensure that your shipment reaches its destination safely and timely.

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Combined Freight
To Save Costs

Use our consolidation service to save costs by combining your goods from your multiple suppliers in China and putting them in one shipping container. We will ensure that no shipment is too big or too small for any transport anywhere in worldwide. Our transport ranges from smaller pick-up trucks to 45 feet containers, which follow a strict schedule from pickup to delivery.

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Our experienced forwarder team works hard to save you time and money when doing business in China. We are dedicated to provide stress-free service with our clients , simplify over-complicated shipping process and offer real-time communication. When your shipments are handed over to us, you can relax and trust that our team's professionality is ensuing a smooth and punctual shipping process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shipping services do you provide?

CombineGoodz specializes in service of freight consolidation(cargo consolidation). We also offer shipping service(air freight, sea freight & international express), warehousing in China and RMB settlement(help you to pay suppliers in RMB).

2. Why to find a local freight forwarder in China?

A local forwarder can be cost-effective and agile, and flexible in finding quicker solutions for freight problems. Besides, local freight forwarders can manage the legal requirements, licenses, customs and overcome the language barrier, which a multinational can potentially struggle with.

3. How to control and keep my shipping costs down?

To control shipping costs, you need to ensure you are using the best solution(such as freight consolidation) to move your goods and the appropriate packaging to save space as possible. To achieve this, choosing a professional and reliable freight forwarder is a very crucial key.

4.  If my cargo are located in different cities of China, can you make the freight consolidation?

Yes, we can help. We will make the most cost-effective solution for freight consolidation. (Compare the freight rates from the nearest port, Check the volume of cargo in different cities and find out the cheapest and safest way for shipping)

5. Why could I reply on CombineGoodz to ship my goods?

With high responsibility of our work, we always treat your goods as our own and attach equal importance to each shipment whether the quantity is small or large. We don’t only focus on moving your cargo; we also help prepare it, store it, and ship it by giving you a full-service solution tailored to your shipping needs.

6. How do you charge for the shipping service?

Our core service is freight consolidation, and we charge the service fee based on the complexity of cargo consolidation for each container. And for the other services like warehousing in China and RMB settlement, we charge as little as possible to serve you. You could learn more on our PRICING page.