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Want to combine cargo and move from China but don't know which forwarder to reply on? Want to buy a sample from a new supplier but was told they only accept RMB for samples? Don't worry; our Free Service will help you out.

Provide you with a tailor-made shipping solution: Regardless of the size and quantity of your cargo, we will make the individual transport plan which caters to your delivery deadline and loading requirements.

Product Samples, Pay them in RMB: We will help you pay samples in RMB(Chines Yuan) to different suppliers, collect product samples, check the quality, and ship them to you in one parcel to save a lot of delivery costs. 

Get quoting for air/sea freight rate and express rate: We also offer free quoting for air freight, sea freight of FCL or LCL shipping, and international express cost from China.

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Provide you with a tailor-made shipping solution
shipping cargo consolidation

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Cargo Consolidation

After the Free Service, you probably get an ideal shipping plan from our transport experts. Then you can enjoy our cargo consolidation service to handle everything from goods collection to port-to-port or door-to-door delivery. You can enjoy all the following services by paying a low service fee based on the complexity of cargo consolidation for each container. (The service rate is attached in the following)

Production Follow-up: We will keep a close follow-up on each of your orders and maintain real-time communication with you to ensure the shipping will meet the deadline.  

Free Storage for 7 Days: We offer free warehousing for seven days if you want to store goods temporarily and get them loaded within one week.

Carton Inspection: We will inspect the package condition for each item to ensure your item is well protected during transit. If necessary, we will repack and the products.

Labeling & Repackaging: We can print and stick the label onto the product in our warehouse as per your requirement or customs regulations. We also can add pallets to your cargo to ensure safe and secure handling during shipping.

Container Loading Supervision: We will ensure the correct quantities of your products are loaded and handled correctly to protect your goods during shipment.

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Paying into China
without Headache

If you get into trouble paying RMB(Chinese Yuan) to your multiple suppliers in China, our RMB settlement service can help. You can enjoy all the following benefits by paying a 3% service fee based on the payment amount(minimum charge $100). 

Flexibility on the payment: We help you pay amounts to your different Chinese suppliers in RMB, whether we pay them into a company or private account.

Attractive Exchange Rate: We don´t have a universal pricelist of the exchange rate, but we offer the real exchange rate like the one you see on Google.

Low Exchange Charge: We believe in having nothing to hide. We always provide low and transparent exchange fees for convert USD to RMB. Exchange fee for each transaction= Total amount*0.001+US$15.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I want to purchase a few samples from different suppliers, can you help collect and deliver them?

Yes, we can help. We can pay the samples in RMB and will collect them into our warehouse or office, repack and deliver them to you. This service is Free of Charge!

2. If I want to store my cargo in China’s warehouse for one month, how do you charge for the storage?

We will charge you US$10/CBM/month warehousing fee. If you book our consolidation service, the 1st week is free for use.

3. If I didn’t book your cargo consolidation service, can I enjoy 7 days of free storage?

We're sorry that you can't. The 7 days free warehousing is designed for clients who take cargo consolidation service.

4. If I want to book your cargo consolidation service, how do you charge the service fee?

The service fee is charged according to the number of suppliers for each container. The more suppliers' goods to be consolidated means more working and more risk for Customs clearance in China. Thus, we will charge more. (Please kindly check the service rate)

5. If I need your RMB settlement service, how do you charge it?

We will charge 3% based on the payment amount that needs to be paid in RMB. 3% service fee +Transaction fee charge by bank. No extra hidden cost.

6. If I want both Cargo Consolidation and RMB settlement services, how will you charge the service fee?

We will charge separately for cargo consolidation and RMB settlement as per the service rates.