Paying suppliers in CNY

If you are getting a headache from paying several Chinese suppliers in CNY(Chinese Yuan / Renminbi), we can help you out. Our Yuan Payment Service is tailored to small and medium importers who need to pay a small amount in CNY to multiple suppliers based in China.
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Paying into China
Simply & Effectively

If your order amount is small, most Chinese suppliers will be happier to get CNY rather than USD because they don't need to prepare complicated documents for customs clearance and tax rebates under RMB payment. And when you have multiple suppliers in China who require Yuan payment in small amounts, paying them separately will not be a wise option because it is both time and cost-consuming.

Paying your supplier through a reliable China agent is a convenient option.You only need to send US Dollars to our Hongkong account and then convert them into CNY by sending it to our mainland China operations’ account in PRC. And paying your suppliers in CNY through our China operation account. In this service, we minimize the transactions and simplify the entire payment process to save your time and money.

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Control Fraud Risk,
Protect Your Money

Many foreign companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start doing business in China without proper control methods in place to mitigate the incidence of fraud.

But the fraud risks will be much lower if you buy through a local Chinese office. We serve as your domestic representative and eliminate the fraud risk that presents itself when you're directly paying a new Chinese supplier. With crystal clear communication with you, we can reject the goods and keep the escrow payment according to your requirement.

We Charge
As Little As Possible

Our fees and profits are radically transparent. We charge as little as possible, only ever charge you what it costs us to convert your money into CNY, plus a small margin of 3%. And we always show you upfront. No hidden fees. No bad exchange rates. No surprises.

Most companies persuade you to pay more for ‘premium’ stuff or service. We believe the best-possible should be in the standard cost.

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