Cargo Consolidation

Cargo consolidation is a good decision for you, with multiple orders from different vendors merged into one shipment. It can be hard to find a carrier does consolidate service. However, as a convenient shipping service provider, we can resolve this problem.
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Combine Loads to
Minimize Shipping Cost

There is a well-built rule in breaking shipping costs: the bigger the load volume is, the lower the cost per unit. Freight consolidation is a superior alternative that can significantly reduce the cost of moving smaller volumes of goods by moving the goods together.

Our consolidation service typically involves cargo transportation from the different vendors to our warehouse in China, repacking if necessary, storing the goods, and stuffing cargo in a container. We will be your transport consultant and master, many batches of goods will be combined into one shipment, whether by air, sea or rail. We will ensure that you can enjoy the low shipment saving cost.

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cargo consolidation

Save Time &
Increase Efficiency

Considering the total time taken by each container separately, one consolidated container has lesser shipping time. (Because, instead of doing five rounds for each shipment, all the goods reach 1 round in a lesser time!) Our freight consolidation also gives you more control over your due dates and production schedules. Having more control over your shipment will notify you sooner, so things will be sent to the right destination. Faster transit time, reduced costs, and decreased wait time — all add up for increased efficiency.

Ship More,
Stress Less

Many small and medium businesses struggle to move freight efficiently, save on transportation. As an experienced logistic provider, CombineGoodz is dedicated to spare you from the headaches of freight consolidation shipping. We know how to leverage our industry experience and take full advantage of the resources we’ve built to offer a stress-free solution. Our service does all the heavy lifting and manages this complicated shipping process on your behalf.

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CombineGoodz is a professional shipping service provider based in China, but is something different than an average freight forwarder. Here are the four core services we provided.

Cargo Consolidation

Cargo Consolidation

Our freight consolidation helps you save time and money by combining goods from your multiple suppliers in China and putting them in one shipping container.